The last day

November 12th, 2016 Washington Park, the final day: Walking to the park felt like it took longer than usual today. I left my dorm around 11am after a prolonged breakfast of blueberry pancakes, mashed potatoes, and weak coffee. What a combo. My sole priority was to find a sunny place in the grass to lie down and … Continue reading The last day


-Self Evaluation

1. What is the strongest entry in the site journal? Why? I feel my strongest entry is the first one because it seems the most concise. 2. What did you enjoy about this assignment? Why? I loved how often this assignment required that I write and visit Washington Park. It was a very interactive and … Continue reading -Self Evaluation


Fracking is a complicated human contrivance that is the result of shortsightedness, impatience, and an inherent selfishness to exploit the environment, even if it means destroying the earth and the people who inhabit it by pouring and pumping chemicals into the earth, water and air, and denying the blatant sickness bestowed upon nature.